Google Logo Drawn By Kids – excellent PICs

Google has asked students in the United States in grades K-12 to design a logo around the theme ‘What if …?”. The Doodle 4 Google competition was open to all students in U.S. schools from kindergarten to grade 12. The winner was voted by the US public and an award ceremony for the 40 regional […]

New Mobile design by Moto…

Motorola’s new mobile is out in US. Check it out……

Volkswagen’s New Car

With gas prices going through the roof and regulators requiring cars to be ever more miserly, Volkswagen is bringing new meaning to the term “fuel efficiency” with a bullet-shaped microcar that gets a stunning 282 235 mpg. Volkswagen’s had its super-thrifty One-Liter Car concept vehicle — so named because that’s how much fuel it needs […]

New USB flash drive

Brando’s put out a new design twist on stylish looking USB Flash drives with this USB Flash Drive wrist band. No longer do you have to have a lanyard around your neck if you want to wear your flash drive around since this one disguises itself as a wristband that comes in six different colors […]

Japan’s Spectacular Floating Airports

As the world’s population increases at a more-than-healthy rate and the cost of travel decreases, the number of people looking to travel by air is understandably on the rise. With this growing demand comes the need for more airports as existing ones struggle to cope with the millions of passengers passing through on a daily […]

5 Best Laptops For Women

My 2-year old laptop just broke after it fell off the table at office. May be anger management lessons, would have helped prevent the mishap 🙁 But after the damage, I went on the market to look for a new laptop. And seriously, I didn’t expect the search for a new laptop to be so […]

BigAdda Vs Orkut

Social networking websites are the biggest things on the internet. Seems like the highest visited websites are social networking websites and based on the Alexa rankings (I don’t think they are completely accurate) they are on the rise. Myspace is currently at 6, Orkut is at 7 and Facebook is at 8. Then, there are […]

5 Gorgeous Cellphones For Women

Cellphones are no longer a niche show-off. Its a necessity in today’s modern, fast-paced life. You know how much you miss the cellphone when you forget it at home one day?? And why not have something so close to us be more gorgeous and hip!! … I mean why shouldn’t mobile phones be fashionable and […]