Gender Discrimination

The last time Richa Arora left her office it was because her boss, barely a month old in the organization bagged a promotion over Miss hardworking her. She called her second job quits because certain nobody from her company often made her feel ‘uncomfortable’ around him. Archita Nayar, an executive with a Delhi based MNC […]

The Best Ways to Get a Good Job

With today’s changing economic climate, there is a need to keep our job hunting skills fresh and up to date. Landing a job can be tough, even when the economy is thriving. It requires a balance of preparation, patience, and aggressiveness. Here is a little information how to get a good job: Subscribe to a daily newspaper and […]

Award Winning Advertisements (PICS)

Award winning advertisements… Do not just look and appreciate but try and implement it!! Save the animals Gender in education Against corruption Road safety Nature is incomplete without female gender. save girl child   Help street childrens Save trees Road safety

Gender Issues In India

Crimes against women in India is at an all time rise. From the beginning and through the year we only heard promises and attended seminars for improving the plight of women. But we don’t see any work done. There are many organizations and trusts that are working on this issues. But is that enough??? How […]

Eve-Teasing: A Word Used Beyond Its Usage

Eve-teasing is one major harassment for women across the world. Its been known by different words all around the world. “Tease” according to the Merriam-Webster is: to disturb or annoy by persistent irritating or provoking especially in a petty or mischievous way But should lewd comments, indecent touch, pinching, groping be categorized as only mischievous […]