Hrithik Rocks Krazzy 4

Watch the awesome dance performance by Hrithik Roshan in the upcoming movie, “Krazzy 4″… The song is “Break Free” featuring Hrithik Roshan

Best Hrithik Dance Moves

I had a collection of videos of dances by Hrithik Roshan in Hindi films. Most people would agree he’s the best dancer among hindi film actors and has performed many good dance moves. Here is a video medley of all the best dance moves of Hrithik Roshan from films like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kaho Na Pyar Hai, Lakshya, Koi Mil Gaya, Mission Kashmir etc.

Hope you like it… Will be bringing many such videos in the future. So keep checking back

Best Jhalak Dikhlaja Dance Videos – 19th Oct, 2007

We continue with our video posts from Jhalak Dikhlaja Season 2. The dance performances are improving on the show and competition is slowly beginning to heat up. Even the judges are starting to give more marks…

Prachi Desai & Deepak (Taal-Kabhi Aaag Lage)
The choreography from Deepak in this song is magical. Although he doesn’t stick to the rules of the genre of some classical western dance, his work with the prop, to depict butterflies is awesome. Prachi completely flows with him and they really are the best at the moment!!

Jay Bhanushali & Bindi Rock It With Tango
Brilliantly choreographed by Bindi. The dance is a combination of Tango & Lambada and is truly a difficult dance to perform especially for female dancers to keep up the energy all through. Jay complements gracefully with the cross fabric moves and you have to see this performance!!

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Best Jhalak Dikhlaja Dance Videos – 12th Oct, 2007

I got a few emails requesting this weeks favorite videos and sorry guys for being late by 2 days… But I have 3 videos this time to show you.

Prachi Desai & Deepak Perform Cha-Cha
This is probably the best performance ever on Jhalak Dikhlaja… Amazing choreography and great finishing from both Prachi and Deepak. It seems like Prachi’s been dancing for a really long time looking at the way she performs. Perfect hips, perfect twists, perfect swivels and what a brilliant twist swing between the legs of Deepak!! Enjoy the brilliance!!

Jay Bhanushali & Bindi Perform Spirited Disco
High energy from this very cute couple. You have to just love the chemistry that these two have between them. Seems like they have been childhood friends when they perform. Great energy. A few mistakes on timing, but he’s a celebrity and not a professional dancer!! Some well tried copy/mimic of actors like DevAnand, Dharmendra and even Jeetendra!!

Ronit Roy & Nikul Perform Disco
They call him the BigB of the small screen, but then he dances better than BigB. The solo he performed in the begginning just showed his confidence. Good dancing from Ronit, but the chemistry was somewhat missing. Seemed like Nikul and Ronit not having a good time together…

Best Dance Videos – Nach Baliye 2005

Danny & Kunjan – Salsa Performance in Nach Baliye (8th Dec, 2005)

Probably the best dance on Indian Television was performed by the choreographers of Nach Baliye. The first video is a salsa performance from Danny & Kunjan, choreographers of Manish & Poonam. Amazing dance, won the best performance among the choreographers. Salsa on “Yeh Jawaani, Hai Deewani…”. You can also go to their official site here.

Rajeev Surti Rocks The Stage With Humma Humma

This is another one from the same day. Rajeev Surti explodes on stage with his classy, energetic moves. Finesse with energy makes this dance a classic. Rajeev Surti, choreographer for Varun and Rajeshwari, performs with another 2 people from his dance troupe.

Best Jhalak Dikhlaja Dance Videos – 5th Oct, 2007

As promised, we have selected the best two dance videos from Jhalak Dikhlaja for this week. We will keep updating this section regularly with different best dance performances from across the globe. We will also have the best 2 dance performances of the week from Jhalak Dikhlaja, updated here every week.

Prachi Desai & Deepak Perform Salsa
The dance is perfect timing, sensual, peppy. Great expressions from both Deepak & Prachi. Prachi shows her sexy-side, completed different from her good-good “Baani” bahu role.

Ronit Roy & Nikul
Great dancing. Excellent timing and good balance of body from Ronit Roy. He’s been a good dancer all the while and the dance, “First Time Dekha Tumhe Hum Kho Gaya…” from a movie in which he acted as a hero, proves he’s a good dancer.