Saree blouse designs

Saree blouse designs for all Indian saree lovers.

Colors To Wear On Nine Days Of Navratri 2009

Update: For 2011, click here. As every year this are the colors of 2009. Day and color Pratipradha (Saturday): Dark Green Dvitiya (Sunday): Orange Trutiya (Monday): White Chaturthi (Tuesday): Red Panchami (Wed): Blue Shashti (Thusday): Yellow Saptami (Friday): peacock green Ashtami (Saturday): Parrot Green Navami (Sunday): Purple WISH YOU ALL HAPPY NAVRATRI! 🙂

Different Styles To Wear Saree (PICS)

I have showed you how to wear saree in simple way. I Will put different styles within next 7 days. Next wear I will put these two styles:

Colors To Wear On Nine Days Of Navratri 2008

Colors of sarees to wear on nine days of navaratri 2011 is also available at following link:   Navratri colors to wear in 2011: Day and colors of 2011 Color Pratipradha (28th September 2011): Blue Dvitiya and Tritiya (29th September 2011): Yellow Chaturthi (30th September 2011): Green Panchami (1st October 2011): Grey Shashti (2nd […]

Colors Of Sarees To Wear On Nine days Of Navratri 2007

Colors of sarees to wear on nine days of navaratri 2013 is available at: This were for 2007 Many sites has given this for 2008. Which is really wrong. Day Color Aspect Of Devi About Devi Pratipradha (12th October): Amba Amba (meaning “mother” in Sanskrit) is another name for Goddess Durga or Parvati, consort […]

Different Types Of Saris

The word ‘sari’ evolved from the Prakrit ‘sattika’ as mentioned in earliest buddhist jail literature. The Indian Saree boasts of oldest existence in the world. It is more than 5000 years old! A sari / saree is the traditional female garment in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. The variety of colors, patterns, weaves and […]