Colors To Wear On Nine Days Of Navratri 2012

Colors of sarees to wear on nine days of navaratri 2013 is available at:

Navratri colors to wear in 2012:


Day and colors of 2012 Color
Pratipradha (16th October 2012): Red
Dvitiya (17th October 2012): Sky Blue
Tritiya and Chaturthi (18th October 2012): Yellow
Panchami (19th October 2012): Green
Shashti (20th October 2012): Gray
Saptami (21st October 2012): Orange
Ashtami (22nd October 2012): White
Navami (23rd October 2012): Pink
Dashami (24th October 2012): Blue


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  1. Everyone waits for the colours to wear in these seven days. Thank you Namrata.

  2. thank u for publishing the colours its very useful

  3. 🙂 thank you namrata.but from where did u get those colours?

  4. Different sites show other colours for each day 🙄 eg – on 19th one said white ,another said green and third said pink 😆

  5. 😀 thank you dear 🙂

  6. d colour 4 last day on 24th is purple & not blue!!

  7. What about october 2013 Navratri Colours..

    Please update… Want to start purchasing.. 🙂

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