Colors To Wear On Nine Days Of Navratri 2011

Colors of sarees to wear on nine days of navaratri 2013 is available at:

Navratri colors to wear in 2011:


Day and colors of 2011 Color
Pratipradha (28th September 2011): Blue
Dvitiya and Tritiya (29th September 2011): Yellow
Chaturthi (30th September 2011): Green
Panchami (1st October 2011): Grey
Shashti (2nd October 2011): Orange
Saptami (3rd October 2011): White
Ashtami (4th October 2011): Red
Navami (5th October 2011): Purple


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  1. On Oct.6, 2011 the colour is PINK.

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  4. Thank you very much. So that we can follow in these nine days.

  5. pehle kyun nahi bheja tha 👿

  6. A sample of saree as per colour modeled on 3 days put up as photo on Facebook by me.

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