Different Styles To Wear Saree (PICS)

I have showed you how to wear saree in simple way. I Will put different styles within next 7 days.

Banarasi saree

Next wear I will put these two styles:

Green sareeBlue Green Saree

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  2. Hi,
    This site is very useful. Their is one particular style you have on this site where I’m trying to find out what this is called and the steps on how to put it on. I’m interested to wear this style for my wedding. The site shows pictures and steps on how to put a basic saree then has 2 pictures of 2 other styles but not the steps. I’m interested in the girl with the green color saree. What is this called and where can I find the steps on how to put this style on.

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Hi, I Want to know the steps to drape the sarees for all styles.. Pls help to email me at your soonest… Preferable bengali, sri lanka, gujarati, pinkosu, rajasthani and madisar style.. hope to hear from u soon..

  4. 😮 i was xpecting smthing more frm dis site

  5. great…good presentation….

  6. really a useful site…we can know the best presentation of wearing sarees from here

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