Tour of Zurich

Some awesome photos from the Capital of Switzerland, Zurich.


A few months back, a Norwegian diplomat Charung Gollar was asked to present the UN with a graphical representation highlighting the main problems in the world in 2004. He presented a set of 8 pictures entitled “The power of stars” and was applauded for the simplicity of his idea. In spite of having no pretension […]

Evolution of some popular brands !!!

Here is the evolution of some popular brands in the world through many years….

Guns with the Camera on it…

Agent Zero M toy camera pistol 1965 Russian Photo Sniper Camera Set 1940s Japanese machine gun style camera Toyota Commercial Camera Gun Scovill Mfg.Co. Kilburn Gun Camera Mamiya Pistol camera 1954 Hythe Gun Camera Thompsons Revolver Camera Marey Gun Camera Revolver de Poche DORYUKAMERA Co. 16-millimeter pistol film camera Ready Ranger camera gun Rare rifle […]

Different types of schools in World….

Open Air School A class of students at a school in Abu Shouk refugee camp, north of the Darfur town of Al-Fasher. The open-air school has two teachers, 75 students and operates seven days a week. River Bank School This village primary school is located on the banks of a river. It has 52 students […]

World’s First Drink in a Tube

“Go Wodka Extreme” is marketed as the world’s first drink in a tube. It’s fruit flavored Vodka, containing 10.5% alcohol by volume. They also have a more modest line of tubes with just 4% ABV. Currently only available in Austria and Germany, the 190ml Extreme tubes come in three varieties: Cranberry, Lemon, and Energy.

Liquives Wallpapers

Liquives Walls, same pattern, but different colors. !!!

Feel the Innocence….

Just see how beautiful paintings are these!! The little girls in the paintings look so innocent and cut… I like the paintings, so I am posting it for all Talkgirly users…

World’s 10 Most Amazing Lost Cities

Here are 10 Most Famous lost cities in the history of mankind. The cities are said to be lost because the current civilizations know very little about them. We are still in very much dark about these cities. So, Enjoy the pics of these lost cities….. 1.MACHU PICCHU (Peru): The Lost City of the Incas […]

Beauty in the sky…..

Feel the beauty in the sky……