BigAdda Vs Orkut

Social networking websites are the biggest things on the internet. Seems like the highest visited websites are social networking websites and based on the Alexa rankings (I don’t think they are completely accurate) they are on the rise. Myspace is currently at 6, Orkut is at 7 and Facebook is at 8. Then, there are other websites like Digg transforming to social networking and there are many more examples. India is a larger market for such websites and Orkut is just one website catering to Indian audiences. Lot more young people and they are more likely to use such websites. Women are one major online socialites and hence it makes sense to talk about it here.

Recently, Reliance backed was launched with lots of ad-budget. The developers see a lot of money in social networking and hence do not mind spending some capital on the initial publicity. Today, we compare the two social networking websites, and reach a conclusion of how much social existence on the internet is enough!

Community is the main target

BigAdda, is a combination of English and Hindi, exactly what today’s youth in India is about. “Adda”, in Hindi means a place where friends spend their time. BigAdda has different “Addas”, just like Orkut has got communities. Both Orkut and BigAdda are the same here in this category. Infact, the community in both these websites have their roots from group/BBS websites like Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, Usenet newsgroups etc. The only different between Orkut and BigAdda is that “scraps” from Orkut are called “scribbles” at BigAdda and everything else is the same.

Friends Stay

The Friends List is another common feature at both the places. They are the same… and nothing different at all in both of them!! Orkut is older and hence has a lot of users, BigAdda has a lot of catching up to do and the advertisements are helping BigAdda quite a bit!!

The Bad Points – And there are many

But since BigAdda is the new kid on the block its copied a lot of features from other popular websites. Its seen different ideas from the online world and brought them into their website. BigAdda has tried to build forums, blogs, and videos into their domain. The forums and blogs aren’t good enough in my opinion. Specialized blog networking websites are easily better than their implementation and the BigAdda blogs look more like BBS than blogs. The forums aren’t comparable in features compared to Invision, or phpBB or any other forum software… So basically its a complete let-down in terms of features.

BigAdda is also trying to put something like Flickr for Photos and YouTube for Videos, but it isn’t even close to those websites. There is not public sharing outside of BigAdda, like you can do with YouTube or Flickr. The moderation of photos and videos is also not acceptable. Pornographic content/indecent photos are widespread at BigAdda and the Indian regulators should have a look at it. The moderation of content is very slow and no action seems to be taken against the guilty for posting such content. I think in the very near future expect many legal cases against BigAdda in this domain! Just a look at the popular photos will tell you how much mature content is uploaded to BigAdda.


BigAdda is really not in the race in its current state. There are lot better websites in the different domains BigAdda has ventured into, but BigAdda does nothing innovative in any of the categories. Community Sites are all about the user comfort and the pornographic/indecent content reduces the user comfort level. Orkut has really become famous due to its large user base and it’s simplicity in design as well as intuitiveness. Orkut surely wins this round of social networking battle.

18 Responses to “BigAdda Vs Orkut”

  1. I agree with your comparison abt popularity, simplicity and originality. But i guess the density of pornography on orkut is in no way low. No doubt BigAdda has gone far in it,,, I dun know wat is being abt it. And I “HOPE” something is being done abt it. I M not a big fan of orkut or orkutting, but end of the story is,,, Orkut rocks.

  2. So Aff… u into searching for porn on orkut?? Didn’t know that? 😉

  3. Thts exactly the point bizboy,,, U need to ‘search’ on orkut. But on BigAdda U have everything ready on the homepage 😈 . And I can make out from the post itself, whose doing the search 😎 .

  4. Nice comparison… I am a web developer and had a deal to make another comunity website… I think you mentioned good points, but then moderation of content is really imporssible.

    I like bigadda more, but may be the look and feel can be improved… And about the content, I think they want indecent pics, so that they can have initially the crows coming in

  5. no wonder reliance know the tricks of the game-porn is the highest visited content by Indians a nd thats what they are offering-so adda is pornnet rather than socialnet-thats ok 🙄

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  12. Hey….This is a very good comparison.

    But orkut for social and bigadda for interests…what about someone who wants both? Cant everything be at one place? I want to login only once and get all my networks, be it social or business, together. Does something like this exist?

  13. Really it is gr8 post and too informative as well.

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