Ultimate CD Art…

I love this CD art. I have gifted this to many of my friends. Its great experience to do this.  But I do not know who is the author as I was having this pictures from long time.. If you want to look big images just click on small images. You all try to do […]

Zodiac Signs

Here are the wallpapers of Zodiac Signs.. I am sure all of you will like it….Please write comments on my post…

Mehendi – The Colour Of Women

Well, this post is inspired by my extreme fondness for Mehendi, and one of the previous posts by Namrata on Eid. Mehendi doesn’t only remind me of beautifully designed hands but also a cool head and soothing legs 😎 . No kidding! This multipurpose plant which is called Henna or Heena has been used as […]

Awesome 3D Art……

Here are some 3D pictures that i have got from the Internet…. This is my first post on talkgirly.com and I hope all of you will like it…. Your comments are most welcome………                                             […]

See How A Panda Grows

Images from the development of a Panda’s life. Click on thumbnails to see larger images                                                                             Don’t they look cute!! Show your love for animals […]

Best Hrithik Dance Moves

I had a collection of videos of dances by Hrithik Roshan in Hindi films. Most people would agree he’s the best dancer among hindi film actors and has performed many good dance moves. Here is a video medley of all the best dance moves of Hrithik Roshan from films like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, Kaho […]

5 Best Laptops For Women

My 2-year old laptop just broke after it fell off the table at office. May be anger management lessons, would have helped prevent the mishap 🙁 But after the damage, I went on the market to look for a new laptop. And seriously, I didn’t expect the search for a new laptop to be so […]

Best Jhalak Dikhlaja Dance Videos – 19th Oct, 2007

We continue with our video posts from Jhalak Dikhlaja Season 2. The dance performances are improving on the show and competition is slowly beginning to heat up. Even the judges are starting to give more marks… Prachi Desai & Deepak (Taal-Kabhi Aaag Lage) The choreography from Deepak in this song is magical. Although he doesn’t […]

Happy Dussehra!! Shubho Bijoya!!

As I told you in my last post, Vijayadashami also known as Dussehra, “Dashain” in Nepali, or Mohani Nakha in the language of the Newar community of Nepal. It is also considered to be an auspicious day to begin new things in life. It is the largest festival of Nepal and celebrated by Hindu and […]

Best Jhalak Dikhlaja Dance Videos – 12th Oct, 2007

I got a few emails requesting this weeks favorite videos and sorry guys for being late by 2 days… But I have 3 videos this time to show you. Prachi Desai & Deepak Perform Cha-Cha This is probably the best performance ever on Jhalak Dikhlaja… Amazing choreography and great finishing from both Prachi and Deepak. […]