Draw Rangoli Using Dots

Drawing Rangoli is a very easy task. Either we can draw Rangoli with dots, or without dots.

Drawing Rangoli with dots:-
First you have to choose a base. The base can be of sand, marble dust, saw dust, brick dust or other materials. Many people use brown or red stone sand-base. We take sand and little bit of water and spread on ground. Use water so that sand will not be removed easily. Now start drawing dots (these dots are guiding dots for your to draw the Rangoli).
Either you can draw dots on your own or can buy paper of dots from market. Drawing dots by hand is difficult as we cannot put dots symmetrically. If dots are not in the same distance then the Rangoli looks asymmetrical & out of shape. So the better option is to buy paper with dots to draw Rangoli from the market. Wherever you buy Rangoli colors, you also get the dotted paper too from the same place.

Now how to use that paper??
You just have to put paper aligned in the direction you want your Rangoli to be. Paper should not be folded. Hold it firmly on the sand-base or put some weight on the edges of paper. Then put some amount of White Rangoli on the dotted paper and spread it until it covers as many dots u want(as per your design). Then hold on to all the edges of paper and carefully pick up the paper, taking care not to spill the white powder on any other place or through the dots. Now the dots are ready, you can choose the design from any idea in your mind or from the different designs available on this site. Try to draw it by connecting the dots. If you are drawing for the first time then choose a small design and a design that does not contain circular shapes. After drawing the Rangoli use different colors to decorate it.

If you are a pro then you can draw Rangoli without dots and even if you are not a pro, try to draw Rangoli with small shapes without taking help of the guiding dots and slowly you will master the technique and can make beautiful, large design of your imagination without the help of the guiding dots. And unless you try, you don’t know your capabilities!
You also get some pre-fabricated shapes of Rangoli in the market on which you just have to fill color and to roll it on the sand-base. You can also use that and make Rangoli designs quickly… Happy designing!!

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