Gender Issues In India

Crimes against women in India is at an all time rise. From the beginning and through the year we only heard promises and attended seminars for improving the plight of women. But we don’t see any work done. There are many organizations and trusts that are working on this issues. But is that enough??? How many people are working for those organizations?? How many woman are reacting against violence???

Alcoholism: If we go deep down into the reason for this kind of a crime, alcoholism comes foremost. Alcoholism makes life miserable not just for the person drunk, but also for his family which includes women at its forefront.

Empowerment: Many people think empowerment is biggest problem. There are many organisations like CRY who are giving education to children’s. Its really important to give education to everybody since education is one of the key to empowerment. Yes, low literacy among women is the biggest problem but there are many other things to keep in mind to solve this issue. Women education in India is improving, but at a very slow rate.

Mindset: Empowerment alone does not seem to have solved the problem. What is needed is a change in the mindset of men, which will go a long way in redressing the balance in the gender equation.

Sex determination tests through techniques such as ultrasonography and amniocentesis are banned in India, but female child is still commonly killed in some regions where a preference for son runs deep. As a result, the government says around 10 million girls have been killed by their parents — either before or immediately after birth — over the past 20 years. This is really not a small problem, but in the years to come will be the biggest social issue. For this we have to change mindset of men as well as there family members. Because in many cases grandparents support their son to kill the granddaughter.

Culture: The culture is such that whenever a girl gets married to a man, however bad he may be, her inclination is to stay with him till the end.” Many victimized wives see no alternative but to stay in their husbands’ households, the only option they believe is available to them in a society that stigmatizes divorce. Now women can only change this mindset. We have to teach women how to react in such situations. We as women, have to change this attitude of society towards divorced women.

According to MAVA (Men Against Voilence And Abuse) and National Crime Records Bureau in every 29 minutes one Rape happen. In every 15 minutes Molestation, every 53 minutes sexual harrasment, every 16minutes murder, every 9 minutes cruelty act and every 77 minutes dowry death. Many organizations like this holds seminars for woman and their families. They teach woman how to react, how to fight. They have one day workshops on self defense for woman. We should take part in all these workshops. We should not be dependent on anyone even for our physical protection. Yes, we should think of our family, but if anybody does crime against us, we should react. Today we will react, after watching us many other woman will react. Join a cause that supports women and help make India proud.

Now a days girls have higher positions in office. They also have 33% reservation. But is it proving beneficial?? If we can’t get respect then its not of any use.

Reality Shows (Pun Intended)
Have you ever thought why talented girls are eliminated at the beginning in reality talent hunts?? Reason is many girls give vote to guys. Why cant people see talent in girls??

I really admire an award ceremony like Zee Astitva Awards. That is a small effort to celebrate and encourage the versatile role of women in Indian society. There should be many events like this to encourage those woman who are having great role in society.

As many people said cause of problem is woman and woman is the one who solves the problems. So if you will not react for crimes against you, you will cause problems for yourself and for other women in society.

Please go ahead, be part of some organisations and change the mindset of people. And help build our nation. You are power of this nation, so make our nation powerful and try to solve this biggest problem.

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  1. Great analysis on the topic… You’ve noted some really interesting points on problems women are facing today!! Really breaks the myth that women have got their freedom. Quite a long way to go…

  2. First you say men’s mindset must change, but then you say ’cause of problem is woman and woman is the one who solves the problems. So if you will not react for crimes against you, you will cause problems for yourself and for other women in society.’ This also sounds like you’re saying that women are responsible for the crimes committed against them, though you also blame alcoholism.

    I do agree with you, though, that more women should get politically involved, in organisations, self defense etc.

  3. Thank you for your valuable comment. What I meant here is that if u’ll not react against crime then it will be wrong. People will think women cannot do anything and the criminal will be encouraged.

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  5. Thank you. I really want people to understand this problem.

  6. It’s a wonderful article.What you have written is completely true.It’s an nspiration to all women to fight against injustice done to themselves and other women.

  7. it is true..
    i appriciated that people are taking intrest on this issue..i want people to understand this problem as seriously as other are taking it seriously…

  8. chaya on july 10 09 wrote

    Do appreciate a quality in talent,job or is to grow with all the adversities.sustain the reality that is inevitable as the death is .why not live fullest.get it grab it and finally prove the stuff in you ,don’t wait for which is not part of your present. this mindset lasts for everything and includes one and all………

  9. Good to hear such an article but whah i wanna question is whether man too face discrimination and if yes in what ways??

  10. good issues

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